Sausage Roller was the name decided on for the Sausage dog pattern – thanks so much for all your tweets and comment, loved all of the suggestions. I’m having 4 Sausage Dog kits at the Stitches and Craft show – the green stripe and blue stripe you’ve already seen, a charcoal plaid and pink stripe you can see here.  It took me a long time to find the right fabric to go under her ears. I didn’t want anything too floral, tried to keep it on the cute but funky side of things. What do you think? She looks very bald without her ears doesn’t she.

I finished off her ears by hand at Craft Room last Wednesday (photo taken by Belinda). It was so great catching up with all the girls, I haven’t made it all year! If you’re interested in joining our group on the Northern Beaches, Inner West or Hills district check out the new, very snazzy looking blog here…

So today I’m off to buy a last minute stash of collars and leads for my puppies and to pack everything in the biggest suitcase I can find for Melbourne.

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