You know that saying, “It never rains till it pours”? Well it’s flooding around here. I promised a friend I’d cover his job in adland while he was on paternity leave and his wife went into labor 2 weeks early. At exactly the same time the hubby announced he had to go to off Germany for two weeks for business. My mum and sister are both away for Australian surf lifesaving titles and I have Stitches and Craft in Sydney and Melbourne on the horizon. Craaaaazzzy. So sorry I haven’t been big on the blogging, I’ve been busy panicking.


However there has been progress on the pull-along Sausage Dog – wooden wheels arrived this week and I’ve been doing some experimenting with how best to attach them.  I tried stitching pieces of cord and twill tape below his belly, tying them in a knot on either side to secure the wheels . Sadly this was a complete disaster – the wheels kept falling in on themselves. So my next option was to order little axles designed for use with the wheels – these are designed for wooden trains and model cars and don’t come long enough for my sausage dog.*hmph*

So through trial and error I’ve established that I need one long axle connecting both wheels that can be sewn to the doggie. Today I cut some dowel down to size and glued it to the wheels – glue is almost dry so tonight is the night… will the sausage dog work or will this just be one long, and quite expensive, flop.

Stay tuned!

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