I’ve spent the afternoon stamping linen tea towels for Sooz’s Tea Towel Swap. Having left the stamping to the last minute (as usual)  this was a very nerve wracking experience. 10 tea towels to play with and I just had to hope that two of them would work out OK!


The Process:

First I did a whole lot of sketches of owls. I probably drew about 50 of them and then chose three that I liked. I simplified them, scanned them in, played with the levels in photoshop to make them completely black and white.

Next I sent the files off to the stamp making man and back came three little owl stamps. There was a big sigh of relief after doing a couple of tests. I kinda couldn’t believe that the stamps worked on fabric.

I measured and marked up on some paper the positions to stamp the owls – this paper got placed under the linen tea towel so I could see the markings through the fabric. I used Versacraft stamp pad (thanks for the tip dudley!) and started stamping away. Once I was finished I heat set the prints and…. viola!


I have to say I’m pretty happy with the end result. I’ve always loved the look of stamping – the little imperfections and variations in ink give character, although I have to admit some of them are far less perfect than I would have liked.


I’ll post some pics of the finished tea towels once my swap partners have their parcels!

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