I’ve wanted to try making a little mushroom from left over sock bits for ages. I wasn’t sure it would work but here’s the first attempt. I think it definitely has potential and talk about quick. It’s made out of the toe and ankle band of a sock with two pieces of felt. The thing I really like about this, and working with socks in general, is that every one you make turns out slightly differently – variations in size, pattern, elasticity and fibres mean you never quite know the exact shape you’re going to get. I love that they all have a personality of their own – little quirks and looks that they’re born with.

I’d like to create a little cluster of these in different colours, sizes and shapes, just like you’d find at the base of a tree in a forest. The other thought at the moment is to embroider a little door and windows, perhaps some spots on top and turn it into a a tiny house. *sigh* there’s nothing more wonderful than the possiblities of a new project, before you get in there and start realising that certain things just wont work.


What are you daydreaming of?

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