I thought I’d create a little love owl kit for Valentines day. Not that I think many men are going to be stitching for their girls BUT I was so taken with Cass’ (snailblazer) suggestion of buying a present for yourself, wrapping and and having it under the tree for Christmas that I thought I’d make myself an owl for Valentines day. She’s a little companion who will sit next to my computer, happily hooting while I tap away. The thing that I’m completely in love with is actually the fabric – it’s Japanese and I just think that the colours and pattern are divine. Very Kimono. Very expensive. Nicely indulgent.

I have such a thing for Japanese design. On one hand they do cute like no-one else and on the other they have this innate sense of asymmetrical balance, of colour and tone that can be so elegant and graceful. They’re so inspired by nature, so ordered and thoughtful. All of which makes my heart break even more over the whales.

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