I’m behind. Behind on my blogging and even further behind on my blog reading. I’m sorry and I really do miss you all but it’s been a bit chaotic. I’ve been working on a project for a magazine that I’m not allowed to talk about… which is killing me (the not talking part, not the project itself).  It’s for a “green” issue of a crafty magazine coming out next year. I’ve also been sneaking in a little bit of time working on making owl angels for xmas decorations. It’s a slight variation on the owl pattern to turn them into angels but I think it might just work. I discovered on Friday that they really need to be teeny tiny newborn size socks so I raided Oscar’s old sock collection but then couldn’t bring myself to cut them up. Ridiculous really. I spent a good hour pouring over tiny little clothes and hats lost down memory lane. So the owl angels didn’t get finished in the end. Oh and Mr Schmaft has been away on an extended bucks weekend and I’ve been flying solo with Oscar. Fun but exhausting. Where do two year olds get their energy from?


So all in all, I don’t have anything to show you today. Rubbish, innit?

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