I braved the spotlight stocktake sale today. I must be insane. I wouldn’t have gone at all but this Giraffe needs a mane and I haven’t been able to find the right lilac grossgrain anywhere nearby.


So what’s with the title? Well you may have noticed that I don’t name the sock softies. Woof Woof was a name Oscar, my little boy, gave to the first ever sock dog I made. Toot was the first thing Karen’s (and-so-i-sew) daughter said when she saw spotted him in the snailblazer swap.


The G-raf has been named by the supremely talented Melanie Horsnell who, when she’s not coming up with cool names, is an indie/folk vocal and guitar artist. If you haven’t heard her stuff go over there and listen, it’s gorgeous. (She’s also the voice behind those huggies pull-at-your-heartstrings, ads).  She commented that Mix Tape Molly was “very groovy, he’s a hip hop g-raf for sure..”

So g-raf it is. Thanks Mel!

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