I have always had a strange obsession with Vintage. For some reason I’m drawn to anything pre-1980… I’m like a moth to the flame of retro. On an op-shop trip this week I found myself looking at books and discovered an entire craft section. Yep, you read that right… there were vintage craft books and patterns from the sixties just begging to be taken home.


I was pondering what my excuse to my husband would be for filling our tiny flat with yet more crafty pieces when it struck me… I’m going to start a vintage craft library. Someday I’m going to have a house big enough to have a creative space and to dedicate a wall to vintage craft books and patterns. It’s quite the lofty dream but I’m sticking to it.

So in light of this I’m going to start sharing my vintage finds on the blog. First one is a 1961 Villawood Autumn-Winter handknits pattern book. I LOVE the photography. I can’t knit to save myself but if anyone is interested in making the dress and matching poodle coat drop post a comment and I’ll send you the pattern.


Oh.. and BTW… my library dream also includes me lounging in a garden while my husband freshens up my drink and my son plays like an angel in a toy car.


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