Congratulations to Tricia, the winner of little Elliot and the 100 post giveaway. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. The tag monster seems to be a very big hit so I’m thinking of creating a Sock Monster pattern to put up here next. Unfortunately there’s a queue for projects at the moment. In the works I have 1 sock giraffe, 1 sock pup, 1 vintage fabric dress, 1 Amy Butler Tunic and 1 Sock Monster.

The TV detox has gone *quite* well. I’ve had a few blow outs to be honest… nights when I got home from work and just couldn’t face anything but going a bit numb in front of the telly. Having said that overall I’ve been enjoying summer evenings sitting outside. My only word of warning to anyone thinking about a detox is that it can be expensive. Online shopping is just way too easy. I’ve bought a sewing machine, a holiday to Thailand, the Amy Butler pattern and fabric and my hubby’s birthday present (more on that next week). It has to be said that they were all bargains though! I’m loving the new sewing machine. I had a vintage singer which just wasn’t doing the job and this one, basic as it is, was only $200 on eBay. The tension on the stitching kept going on the old one and sewing was becoming way too frustrating. In the past I’ve hand sewn all my sock softies but I think I’m going to try machine sewing them – should be much quicker.

The other thing I’ve been doing is working on a new blog design – the CSS is a nightmare but I’m hoping to get one of the guys at work to help me out. Enough beer as bribery should do the trick.

Right that’s enough rambling from me. Back to work. Hope you’re having a great day!


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