Oscar, who is now 6 months old, is obsessed with labels. You know those little tags that come on the side of clothing and products? Yep, he can’t get enough of them. Forget the toy with it’s flashing lights, noisy rattle, shiny fabric and bright colours, he wants the tag. So I’m making him a tag monster.

The idea came to me yesterday while I was out walking. I came home and did a little sketch, and have started cutting and pinning him together. Basically he’ll be a softie with lots of ribbon sewn on like tags. The thing I love about it so far, which Oscar will never appreciate, is that each piece of ribbon comes from a stash I’ve been building for years.

The aqua colours are ribbons I bought when experimenting with our wedding invitation, the green I bought in a crafting frenzy when I was pregnant, the orange was tied on flowers I got in hospital with Oscar, the white were on gifts for Oscar’s christening and the gold was left over from a pitch on puppies I did at work. Isn’t it great when hoarding pays off!

The trick now is to keep the momentum up and actually finish this little monster.

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