I’ve made a few of these sock toys now and I have been loving them. They’re very simple to make and can be hand stitched… which is a little time consuming but can be done in front of the TV. I like this cause, with the new bubba, I have limited windows to spend time with my hubby. He watches cricket (yuk) and I get creative. Everyone is happy.

It’s funny though, I get this tiny hesitation before I cut into the socks. Something about hacking up a brand new pair of socks fresh out of the packaging seems fundamentally wrong. I’ve discovered that the better the socks the better the end result. But the more I spend on socks the more nervous I get with scissors in hand.

The other thing is that socks tend to be quite plain… no playing with matching fabric patterns together like I do with my other softies. So now I’m on the hunt for a good online source for quirky socks, know anyone?

Pigs, frogs and bunnies are next on the list… hopefully I’ll get one done this week.


UPDATE: If you’re looking for tips and tricks making sock toys I’ve created a new post: Tips for making sock toys


Looking for an easy pattern?Here’s a few I’ve created:

Lots of pics of my sock softies can be found on my Flickr account.

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