The fabric for Oscar’s Xmas Stocking still hasn’t arrived so I’ve moved onto other things. I thought about making little pilchers/bloomers for him… then I thought about making more mini moopies for babies that are on the way… and THEN I stumbled across this fabric that has been in my stash for about six months. Glorious vintage fabric that I’ve been meaning to make a simple dress out of. Something for moi.
I’m breaking all the rules.

I’m not using a pattern. I’m just copying a simple tie top that I have and just extending it into an a-line skirt. I have been warned about this kind of thing by Amy Karol in her book (and whose blog I’ve been reading and loving every day lately), but I’m doing it anyway. I can’t believe I’m doing this with vintage fabric but something about have a  5 week old baby and limited windows for sewing just made me do it on a whim. I’m feeling reckless.

Fingers crossed.


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